Learn how a simple facelift changed this therapy website

What A Simple Facelift Can Do For Your Private Practice Website

I never get tired of seeing a new website come to life for my clients. It brings me so much joy to take their ideas, their content, and their creative input and then turn that into a website that reflects both their personality as well as the…
Examples of amazing therapist about pages

Websites for Therapists: 10 Examples of Amazing About Pages

Your About page is one of the most important pages on your private practice website. Because it be one of the most visited pages on your website, it’s vital that your About page helps you stand out. Your About page is a place where potential…
Why I'm starting a Facebook group for therapists

Why I'm Starting A Facebook Group for Therapists

If you’ve read the title of this post, you already know the news: I’m starting a Facebook group. Now, with so many groups for therapists already in existence, you may be wondering why the heck I would do such a thing? This post will…
Free ways to drive traffic to a private practice website

10 FREE Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Therapy Website

One of the biggest website challenges therapists face is actually getting web traffic to their private practice website. What’s the point in even having a website if no one is viewing it right? Well, in this post I’ll share with you…
How to diversify your private practice income

How To Diversify Your Income for Private Practice Success

Guest post by L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., MEd. LMFT All of us want to be paid for what we do. When a therapist goes into practice, there are essentially two basic ways a person can be paid for what they do. One is to be employed by an agency…
WordPress Dictionary for Therapists in Private Practice

WordPress for Therapists: The WordPress Dictionary

WordPress can often feel like a whole new confusing world, especially when you’re first starting out. There are bound to be many terms you’re not familiar with, which can make using WordPress for your private practice website tedious and…
Websites for Therapists: How to Optimize Images for SEO

Websites for Therapists: How to Optimize Images for SEO

Using images on your private practice website is a great way to make your site look pretty, but it’s also a great chance to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). There are a few things you can do when adding images to your website…
5 Mistakes Therapists Make When Blogging

5 Mistakes Therapists Make When Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to bring in new traffic to your private practice website, educate potential clients and showcase your expertise in your field. Because you know this, you run to your website and start blogging to get your own…

The Best Ways to Secure Your Private Practice Website

Having your private practice website hacked can be an extremely frustrating and violating experience. But there are many - often simple - ways you can secure your therapy website from various types of hacking attempts. In this blog post we’ll…
Psychotherapy Website Review Vijayeta Sinh

[Video] Private Practice Website Review: Vijay Sinh

Today we’re doing another round of the 5-minute private practice website review. Each month we take a quick look at your submitted websites and I provide my feedback, tips and strategies you can use to make your awesome therapy website even…

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