Marketing for Therapists: Top Tools to Schedule Social Media Posts

Marketing for Therapists: Top Tools to Schedule Social Media Posts

Social media can be a great way to market your private practice, reach new clients and drive traffic to your therapy website. But it can also suck a lot of your time and become an ugly monster that always seems like it needs to be fed. In this…
Using Divi WordPress theme for counselors, therapists and psychologists

My Favorite WordPress Theme for Therapists

If you’re thinking of using WordPress for your private practice website, then you’ve probably checked out some themes. With thousands to choose from, finding the right theme is one of the biggest hurdles I see trip people up. In this post,…
5 Resources to Create the Best About Page Ever

5 Resources to Create the Best About Page Ever

Your about page on your private practice website is a huge asset to your business. This page is often one of the most-visited pages on your website, so it’s important that you spend time making sure your about page works for you, turning potential…
psychotherapy website review

[Video] Private Practice Website Review: Jessie Bohnenkamp, LPC, NCC, MA

This month’s 5-minute private practice website review comes to us from Jessie Bohnenkamp. Jessie has done a great job with her website over at She’s even used WordPress (bonus points for that ;)) Want…
In this blog post I’ll share with you 30 ways you can market your therapy practice without costing you a cent.

30 Ways to Market A Private Practice for FREE

If you’re just getting your private practice off the ground, every penny counts. At this crucial time in your business, spending hundreds of dollars on advertising may just not feasible for you. Luckily, there are many ways for you to market…
Learn to use Facebook to market your private practice

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Private Practice

Last week I sent out an email to my audience asking one simple question: what would you like to know about using Facebook to market your practice? Well, I was amazed at the response and the questions that came back were just SO good! Many…
Blogging for Therapists: How to Increase The Readability of Blog Posts

Blogging for Therapists: How to Increase The Readability of Blog Posts

Fact: The people reading your blog are busy, distracted and their attention spans seem to be growing shorter by the day. So, how can you help these busy people get the most out of your private practice website and actually read your blog posts? One…
Private Practice Website Tips

[Video] Private Practice Website Review: Deidre A. Prewitt, MSMFC, LPC

Welcome to another edition of the 5-minute(ish) private practice website review. Each month I choose one of my readers and review their therapy website and provide whatever quick tips, encouragements and improvements I can. To view some more…
7 elements of a successful therapist website homepage

7 Elements of a Successful Therapist Website Homepage

No doubt about it, your homepage is one the first impressions your future clients will have of you and your private practice. With just mere seconds to grab the attention of a website visitor, it’s important to know what to put on your private…
Which website builder or platform is the best for a private practice website?

Websites for Therapists: Website Platform Comparison Guide

If you’re starting to think about building (or re-building) your private practice website you may be wondering which website platform is the best. From robust content management systems like WordPress to more simplified templates like Weebly,…

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