10 things to do before you create a counseling website

10 Things To Do BEFORE You Create A Counseling Website (Plus a Bonus!)

I know you're excited to create that AWESOME website for your private practice. I would be too. But hold your horses for a sec. Let's do some planning first. The most successful projects are the ones we plan for. The same goes for the launch of…
Therapist website examples

Therapist Website Examples: Atlanta, Georgia Edition

It's time for a little dose of inspiration! As a web designer myself, I always find it helpful to take a look at what others are doing to get an idea for any website I want to create. So let's do that with some counseling websites. So,…
The therapist's guide to Pinterest
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The Therapist's Guide to Pinterest + FREE Checklist

Today we're going to talk about how to use Pinterest to market your therapy practice. What did I ever do before Pinterest? How would I have known I could build so many things out of pallets? Or cook such amazing (and simple) dinners while my…
therapist wordpress themes
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10 of The Best Wordpress Themes for Therapists

It used to be very difficult and costly for someone to build a website for their therapy business. Once upon a time, the only way to build a website was for you to find and hire a professional to develop it. Lots of time and lots of money.…
Learn how to build a therapist website with wordpress
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How to Start a Therapist WordPress Website in 10 Minutes (or less)

Are you a therapist just starting your career? Or have you finally landed the job that will launch your private practice and now it's time to start bringing in the clients? Either way, a professional looking website could be your next step…

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